Table of Contents

1) Introduction

2) God's Plan of Salvation

3) God's Grace versus Your Works

4) What Now?


There is no inquiry that can rival the importance of the question, “How do I get to heaven?” Mankind has been asking this question from the beginning of time. Fortunately for us, God is not silent on this issue. He has explained to us, in very simple and lucid language, His “Plan of Salvation.”


But not so fortunate is the abundance of people that want to change God’s plan. They seek to glorify themselves, and in the process of attempting to turn your attention towards them, they dilute, confuse, and convolute the simplicity of God’s plan. Most world religions and cultic groups have one main thing in common. They teach you the way to “earn” your salvation. To them, salvation is a “merit” system. They will often tell you, “If you do all the good deeds on this list, and never any of the bad deeds on this list, God will accept you and you can go to Heaven when you die.”


The problem with this perspective is that God has plainly told us that Heaven is a gift, given to us out of His love for you and me. The price paid was the life of His own Son, Jesus Christ. So when we offer up our good deeds as payment, it is seen by God as the ultimate insult. If we could be saved by our good works, then Jesus died in vain. There would be no need for Him to die in our stead. But God teaches us in His Word (the Bible) that no one can earn salvation (eternal life).


So come let us reason together. Let’s take a down-to-earth, straightforward and simple look at what God requires of us.